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Communication Error: Short Story
This is probably the first writing assignment in a long time that I’ve enjoyed writing because our teacher gave us the option to write it in English. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to do anything in English so you better believe that I’d jump on that opportunity right away. But this particular assignment is special because we’re going to put them in a envelope and mail them to ourselves in the past. The day right before the aliens take over.
Oh, sorry, spoiler alert.
I should probably backtrack a bit, since I’m going to be reading this whole thing in the past. I am currently in my second year of Neptunian Language Arts because I’m still trying to get the basics of this new language we all have to learn as a species. Most of the time we write really stupid assignments like “What was your first birthday like?” or “Exactly how dumb did you feel after the Neptunians easily took over your planet?” But our teacher, who ju
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Where the Heart Lies
    Not so long ago, there lived a man of unremarkable birth.  He never viewed himself as handsome or particularly outgoing; he let the ways of society pass him by while he pursued his passions—knowledge and creativity.  Hard-working and carving out a life of sufficient financial means, he enjoyed the little things in life that most people took for granted—blue skies, thunderstorms that turned into rainbows, evenings spent in the country stargazing at the field of lights blanketing the night sky—the conventional enjoyments never really brought him much pleasure.
    His uniqueness earned him few friends, but they were close ones, usually sharing in the same things he enjoyed, whether it was working alongside fellow coworkers during their research into quantum physics or “jam sessions” with other creative and intellectual types, appreciating various arts or pursuits of knowledge for the pure excitement of it
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Something to love her back
I saw Gwen for the first time in God knows how long today. She looked different. She had two new tattoos and a new piercing and her face wasn't freckly anymore. She said she couldn't live without her foundation. Couldn't show her face in public without it. Talk about fucking paranoid. What happened to the tomboy Gwen I used to know? She asked me if I wanted to go with her to vote and I said sure, even though I wasn't registered and didn't give a damn about politics.
On the way there, when she and I were in her car, she told me she'd been fucking a new guy lately. I said cool and asked if it was any good. Then she looked at me with this big grin and said, so guess what? I said, I don't know, what? And she said, in about seven months give or take a few days, I'm going to have a new name. I was confused. I asked if she was going to legally change her name. She laughed and shook her head and tried to make me guess what her new name was going to be. It's really simple, she said. How the fuc
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The Cousin in New Orleans
    The Christian kids were following me long before I knew it. It's true that I was distracted by many things. It was my first trip to New Orleans, in the early '70s, and I found it delightful. I often rode the streetcar, which made me feel like I was inside a giant pinball machine with all its bells and whistles.
    Views of stately homes, hanging Spanish moss and green, green lawns completed the feeling of being in another realm. Well, I was in another state, having arrived from California about a month before. Before that, I'd been on the commune in Colorado, where I'd eventually return. But now I was in love with New Orleans.
    I went often to the French Quarter to people-watch and listen to the music, all kinds of wonderful music. I never saw the other side of the Mississippi; it was foggy every time I tried. I also went to Tulane University, to sit in the student union and feel more at home.
    Probably about now I sho
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Lonegull Crying~cerealnovels 14
Chapter Fourteen
Voices boomed over the airport intercom. People rushed by in such hurry. Abby and Grammy were like the eye of a hurricane in the center of all the mad rush. The both sat so very still, watching the gate from which Susan would emerge. Chester had not come with them. In his weakened state he had to avoid crowds. Crowds carried germs and viruses. His immune system might absorb a simple cold and transform it into a fatal illness. Abby wished she had some excuse not to be here. It had been almost two years since she had last seen Susan. Susan like Chester was always short on money and visits were few and far between. Also, though Susan had invited Abby to come visit her, Grammy would  not let her. She disapproved of the revolving parade of men that came and went in Susan's life.
A flight number was called. Grammy glanced at the board. It was Susan's flight. She sighed, squared her shoulders while Abby unconsciously did the same. Soon people were streaming out the gate,
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